Play games and earn Crazy Money!

Here is the thing, I was bored on Tuesday evening and started looking for something more interesting than scratching my head. Than I stumbled on this crazy website called RedSharks (link) from Japan (yep. they have English version as well, saved!). It seemed interesting so I played a bit with it. And it was like BAM! Games there ware really cool, I spend all evening playing and next day as well! I haven’t had so much fun since my old nintendo Wii died 2 years ago.

To start you will need to register, but YOU DON’T NEED TO INSTALL ANYTHING! Link to register. (click Register button in the top right)


Maybe I would get bored faster if it would be just normal playing. But on this site you can also win some money! And I did! It’s really crazy how simple and fast it was. Don’t think it’s some scam or sth. they pay! Checked and confirmed. Play for free is also available so you can check it first.

One of my best scores!
Still rockin!

Check this video:

I mostly played Stickers and Go Bananas, but they have loads of other games. I will review some of those here later on.

If you want to try it here is the link. But watch out! If you click it you will lose few hours playing!

If you register using my link I will earn small commission. Registration is free for you.


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Star Wars Samurai… Wait… What?!?

Yep, it's true. It happened. This is one of those ideas you ware sure nobody would bring into real life. Well, you are not alone. I don't know what creators of those figures ware smoking, but this is brilliant! MH team totally loves the idea. And BDW, yes, it's from Japan, obvious, isn't it? It's made by TAMASHII NATIONS and you can buy it for around $80 / figure.

Star Wars Samurai... Wait... What?!?
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Cat Owners In Japan Give Their Cats Comical Anime Eyes

There's a comical new trend in Japan that has cat owners placing piece of paper with drawn anime eyes in front of their cats to make a hilarious photo. Efect you can see below. I don't judge, but my cat looks so my better this way. And yes, it's grumpy cat!

Cat Owners In Japan Give Their Cats Comical Anime Eyes
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11 Dogs, Or Rather What’s Left Of Them

Every long fur pet owner knows how it is. Your beautiful pet becomes with time a walking pile of fur and you need to something about it or you will end up cleaning up your sofa 5x a day. So here we go, let's cut our four-paw friend. And that's how it ends...

11 Dogs, Or Rather What's Left Of Them
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